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Mykonos Private Yachting ensures the ultimate travel experience!

Our most experienced crews provide luxury private charters at the most fascinating destinations

We are at our guest’s disposal, offering high quality and premium standards services

We secure the comfort, the discretion and the pleasure of having an unforgettable personalized cruise on the island that you dream of

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Daily Private Cruises

Explore the crystal clear waters of the Cycladic islands under the dazzling Greek sun!

Discover the most famous sunset in the world! Santorini, along with Mykonos, are the most cosmopolitan islands of the Cyclades.
Discover the sacred island! Live the unique by swimming in the same waters that ancient gods and goddesses used to
Discover Paros, a jewel of the Cyclades! For the past few years, the island has become one of the most
Discover a little bit of paradise! These two small islands are a perfect sample of pure and untouched beauty of